Smithton Hotel Inverness

Our hotel is situated approximately 3.5 miles from Inverness town centre, 5 miles (8 km) from Inverness Airport and only 1.5 miles (2 km) from historic Culloden Battlefield.

It is ideally situated for the tourist wishing to savour the delights of this area of the Highlands, and for the business guest, who will be within easy reach of the commercial and industrial heart of the area.

Our hotel boasts, restaurant, bar, non-Smoking rooms, central heating, luggage storage. All public and private spaces are non-smoking.

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Inverness is an important centre for bagpipe players and lovers, since every September the city hosts the Northern Meeting, the most prestigious solo piping competition in the world.Another major event in calendar is the annual City of Inverness Highland Games..The main theatre in Inverness is called Eden Court Theatre.

The current music scene within Inverness generally leans towards an emo/punk/hardcore style, but there are also bands who show features of different genres such as rock, metal, pop, classical, grunge, industrial and traditional Scottish music. The Ironworks venue has attracted a greater variety of music to Inverness.

Inverness is home to two summer music festivals, Rockness and the Tartan Heart Festival, that bring a variety of different music to the town.

Inverness has an Oceanic climate but has the coldest winter of all the cities in the United Kingdom and temperatures can drop as low as -17.8C.In contrast, Inverness has the longest summer days of any city in the United Kingdom and temperatures can reach as high as 29C on some days. Full Details...

Culloden Battlefield

The Battle of Culloden (Scottish Gaelic: BlÓr Ch¨il Lodair) was the final confrontation of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. Taking place on 16 April 1746, the battle pitted the Jacobite forces of Charles Edward Stuart against an army commanded by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, loyal to the British government. The Jacobite cause to overthrow the reigning House of Hanover and restore the House of Stuart to the British throne was dealt a decisive defeat at Culloden; Charles Stuart never mounted any further attempts to challenge Hanoverian power in Britain. The conflict was the last pitched battle fought on British soil,occurring near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

Charles Stuart's army consisted largely of Scottish Highlanders, as well as a number of Lowland Scots and a small detachment of Englishmen from Manchester. The Jacobites were supported and supplied by the Kingdom of France and French and Irish units loyal to France were part of the Jacobite army. The government force was mostly Lowlanders but also included a few Highlanders, a significant number of English, a battalion of Ulstermen and a small number of Hessians and Austrians. Meeting on Culloden Moor, the battle was both quick and bloody, taking place within an hour. Following an unsuccessful Highland charge against the government lines, the Jacobites were routed and driven from the field.

Between 1,500 and 2,000 Jacobites were killed or wounded in the brief time, while government losses were lighter with 50 dead and 259 wounded. The aftermath of the battle and subsequent crackdown on Jacobitism was brutal, earning Cumberland the sobriquet "Butcher". Efforts were taken to further integrate Scotland into the Kingdom of Britain; civil penalties were introduced to weaken Gaelic culture and attack the Scottish clan system.

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Football Memorabilla

Inverness is home to three football clubs. Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C. , Caledonian F.C. and Inverness Thistle. "Caley Thistle" of the Scottish Premier League plays at the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium and lays claim to have the longest name for any football club in the world. The town's second football club, Clachnacuddin F.C., plays in the Highland League. Inverness Citadel F.C. was another popular side which became defunct, but had its name revived The third football side is Inverness City F.C. who play in the North Regon Juniors and were formed in 2006